Why should you register your Topologi Editor?

The Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is the most powerful, cross platform tool available. To see a list of features available in the demo version, click here.

In addition to the base product there are some very powerful features of the Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor that are only available to registered users. These include the following:

  • Format Manager - Foreman is a comprehensive toolkit for wrapping lines, collapsing excess spaces, converting spaces to tabs, indenting structures and many other commonly requested functions. It is a friendly and flexible purpose-built tool that allows non-technical users to fix up files faster than any programmer.
  • Space Manager - Spaceman allows the user to easily control the relationship between whitespace and markup. For example, elements such as |<cit> blah </cit>| can be quickly changed to | <cit>blah</cit> |. This control is very useful when spacing in markup matters, ie. in page compostion, post-processing, linking and other circumstances.
  • Screen Capture responses - the registered version of the editor also features extended collaboration functionality for annotating screen captures and with the addition of the Topologi Web Relayer, collaboration across the Internet.

Other benefits of registration are:

  • priority technical support via email
  • notification of upgrades
  • access to API documentation. The Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is highly extensible and able to be tightly integrated into exisiting environments.