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Topologi Mentor for Pure®

Mentor Features

Topologi Mentor for Pure is an IDE for Avent3B2 Pure PPSL stylesheets. Mentor is a complete Topologi Professional Edition 2.0 environment integrated with a built-in Pure 3B2 typesetting previewer.

Mentor provides the following additional features:

  • Sample document sets and generate a Document Complexity Metric value: this is useful for project estimation—you can compare how complex a stylesheet-creation task is against previous tasks to prevent blow-out.
  • Sample document sets and generate a PPSL template stub using the Quick Style Wizard. This is useful for developers: program all the important cases in the document and only the real cases. Programming stylesheets using DTDs only may blow out the programming effort by coping with cases that never arise; but programming stylesheets using some 80/20 heuristic results in incomplete stylesheets and delay. Only be programming against real cases can stylesheet cost, time and re-work blowouts be avoided.
  • Edit the PPSL stylesheet in a context-aware stylesheet tree editor.
  • Preview the results of the stylesheet against a sample document, viewing only the pages of interest without resorting to printing, with built-in Pure previewer.
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