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Topologi Validating Proxy

Prove your Systems — Protect your Databases

  • Prevent database corruption
  • Check business rules
  • Verify your Web Services: WSDL, SOAP
  • Sample, debug, verify and monitor any kind of XML-over-HTTP requests (POST only)
  • Offload processing from overloaded servers, moving from a two- or three-tier architecture to a three- or four-tier architecture

Test the proxy yourself with our SOAP Demonstration.

Simple Operation

UML Activity Diagram of Topologi Validating Proxy
  • Java servlet (WAR) for Apache web servers
  • Sits transparently between clients and servers
  • Uncompresses and validates incoming XML-over-HTTP requests
  • Passes back response data unchanged
  • Wide range of options for handling errors: rejection, logging, on-sending, transforming
  • Configuration by XML file: no programming required

Power and Safety

  • Uncompress requests
  • Validate using W3C XML Schemas for datatype and basic structure
  • Validate using (draft ISO) Schematron for value-to-value and structure-to-value constraints.
  • Block incoming requests with XML DOCTYPE declarations, preventing several kinds of attacks and configuration problems, and enforcing a typical web services rule.
  • Request data is uncompressed but is not augmented or changed. Response data from the server is passed back to clients unread and unchanged.

Pricing: US$1,000 per site, includes up to three hours of consulting and schema development.
(Australian purchasers please add 10% GST.)

Contact: sales@topologi.com

Relation to WSDL: A WSDL specification containing a portType/operation/input specified with types using W3C XML Schemas, Schematron and/or RELAX NG, can be used to create a TVP configuration file. The TVP can be used transparently with any web service that send XML requests using POST, including Web Services.

FAQ: Please note that the Topologi Validating Proxy is not a general routing or dispatching tool. However, when it detects an invalid document, it can transform that document and post it to another server; so it can act as the front-door for such a system.

Requirements: Recent Apache Jakarta webserver. Java 1.3.1 or beyond. Latest Apache Xerces and Xalan. Can be ported to other Java webservers or customized on request.

Backgrounding: For an article suggesting that for larger traffic it becomes more efficient to start offloading (schema, compression, encyrption, transformation etc) onto a specialized device (such as dedicated machines running the Topologi Validating Proxy) see XML Grows... and Slows.


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