This validator was designed by Rick Jelliffe (Topologi) and developed by Eddie Robertsson (Allette Systems).

The Schematron engine and meta-stylesheets are derived from open source material by Rick Jelliffe, Oliver Becker, David Carlisle, Francis Norton, Miloslav Nic, and many others. The XSD2Schtrn.xsl stylesheet for extracting Schematron schemas embedded in W3C XML Schemas schema is by Francis Norton and Eddie Robertsson. See each file for particular details; see the Locations tab of the Options box for their locations on your system.

Schematroll, the Schematron mascot, was drawn by Cody Chang and is free for use on Schematron-related products. The mascot is a cross between the marsupials the Bilby and the Bettong. North and West Hemisphere people sometimes think it is some kind of rabbit or donkey, due to the reluctance of these excellent creatures to appear in television programs.

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