Schematron Configuration

Selecting the Schematron Configuration

The Configuration tab lets you choose various preset (and programmable) configurations, using the radio buttons on the left-hand side.

Each configuration selects the kind of operation performed (typically a Schematron validation) and which kind of viewer will be used for the results.

The options are:

Schematron Log
View the results of Schematron validation of all the files, consolidated into one big text file.

Schematron Browser
View the results of Schematron validation in a linked, two-pane browser. You can use arrow buttons to move backwards and forwards between the different results. (This is the default view.)

Generate RDF
Use the selected Schematron schema to generate RDF files.

Generate Topic Map
Use the selected Schematron schema to generate XML Topic Maps.

Custom 1
Use your own scripts. (The factory default is to perform an XSLT transformation; the file selected in Schema or Script on the main Validator window must be an XSLT script.)

Custom 2
Use your own scripts.

Custom 3
Use your own scripts.

Custom 4
Use your own scripts.

Each of these options are presets which can be altered or customized. Press the Settings button next to the Custom radio buttons to create your own custom configuration. Press the Settings buttons next to the first four buttons if you have upgraded scripts for those Schematron functions. (You can see which directory scripts are located in, by using the Locations tab.)

To save these defaults between sessions, press the Save button. To return to the validator using these settings, press OK

Hint: If you use any icons in your Schematron schemas, you can put them in the Validator's schema directory. Then in the Schematron schema, you don't need to give a full path name, just the simple filename. However, too many GIFs may slow down displaying your results.

Hint: The Schematron Diagnostics checkbox enables the generation of richer messages in schemas which make use of this facility. We recommend you keep it checked.

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