Validator Configuration for W3C XML Schemas and RELAX NG

Validation using RELAX NG and W3C XML Schemas operate very similarly.

If the schema you select in the validator is in the W3C XML Schemas (or RELAX NG) namespace, then the Validator can validate the selected files using XML Schemas (or RELAX NG) and Schematron at the same time.

The W3C XML Schemas (or RELAX NG) tab sets how this is controlled.

W3C XML Schema and RELAX NG
Validate using the W3C XML Schemas (or RELAX NG) schema selected in the Validator. This option does not extract embedded Schematron schemas.

Embedded Schematron
Extract the Schematron code embedded in the <appinfo> annotations in the W3C XML Schemas schema, construct a legitimate Schematron schema from that and validate using that schema, but not the W3C XML Schemas (or RELAX NG) schema.

Validate using both

To save these defaults between sessions, press the Save button. To return to the validator using these settings, press OK

The other settings give details of this configuration. Do not change the settings on the Scripts unless you are an expert.

Hint: This distribution of the Topologi Schematron Validator uses Microsoft's MSXML DLLs for all XML services, including XML parsing, DTD handling, XSLT transformations, and W3C XML Schemas validation. Visit the Microsoft site periodically to make sure you have the most recent parser. (In order to install this, you need to have MSXML 4 SP1, or later compatible MSXML DLLs, installed.)

Hint: This distribution of the Topologi Schematron Validator uses the VBRELAXNG DLL. Many thanks to Yonekura-san for making this available.

Hint: If you are trying to use an W3C XML Schemas schema and you get a cryptic error message

Error in the created validation stylesheet

Reason: XML document must have a top level element, then you are probably using the wrong namespace in your schema. The correct namespace to use is

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