Custom Configurations

The four Custom configuration presets have been provided to allow you to experiment and make use of the Validator framework in your own way.

If your tasks involve multiple XSLT transformations, you may find that the Validator provides a much nicer environment than a command line system.

You can specify

  • whether the Schema file selected on the Validator is used directly as an XSLT script on the data; or
  • whether the Schema file is processed first by the Engine Script (this is the normal configuration for Schematron); or
  • whether the Schema file is first preprocessed by the Preprocessor Script before being sent to be processed by the Engine Script (this is the configuration for using Schematron embedded in a W3C XML Schemas schema.)

As well, you can specify which viewers the output is sent to. The Annotation Script is available in the 2-pane view; it gives the XSLT script to be used for the lower pane of the 2-pane view. This allows linked views of the data.

To save these defaults between sessions, press the Save button. To return to the validator using these settings, press OK

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