Schemas Included in this Distribution

The following schemas have been included in this distribution:

Schematron schema for the Purchase Order example used by W3C, for comparison purposes. (Try it on po.xml and po-bad.xml.)

W3C XML Schema for the Purchase Order example, with an embedded Schematron schema, as an example of using the <xs:annotation> element.(Try it on po.xml and po-bad.xml.)

Schematron schema for Schematron itself. Validate your Schematron schemas using this! (Try it on itself: schematron1-5-schema.sch is also in the default data directory.)

Schematron schema for the news industry's NITF 2.5 format. Written by Rick Jelliffe from original by Dave Pawson. (Try it on nitf-example.xml.) This schema also includes phases for checking that a story includes Who/What/Where/When.

Schematron schema for the Question and Answer Markup Language. (Try it on qaml-example.xml. Or try creating an new document with just the start element <faq></faq> and see how far the messages guide you.)

Schematron schema for CALS tables; using the exchange subset defined by OASIS.

Schematron schema for the Resource Directory Definition Language (RDDL). Written by Jonathon Bordon.

Schematron schema for Resource Description Framework, for validating RDF and RDFS.

Schematron schema for the RSS 1.0 language. Written by Leigh Dodds.smil-schema.sch
Schematron schema for Synchonized Multimedia Interchange Language (SMIL 1.0 and SMIL 2.0).

Schematron schema for the Simple Open Application Protocol language (SOAP).

Schematron schema for table-tennis matches, suitable as part of training course. Written by Eddie Robertsson.

Schematron schema for W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) additional constraints on XHTML. Use this to help make your site useable by more people!

Schematron schema for Web Services Definition Language (WSDL). Written by Simon Fell.

Schematron schema for W3C XLinks.

Schematron schema for XML Topic Maps.

See the individual schemas themselves for details of authorship, copyright, and upgrade sites.

Disclaimer: Even though we have taken care to check these schemas, Topologi P/L makes no warranty about their fitness for purpose or quality. These schemas are provided to demonstrate the software, and for the good of the community.