The main window of the validator has two main lists:

  • On the left is a list of files. Select one or more that you wish to validate. (The Validator supports validation of multiple files.)
  • On the right is a list of schemas. Select the Schematron schema, RELAX NG schema or W3C XML Schemas schema that you wish to validate against.

Under each list is a View button: you can use this to preview, print, perform minor edits and re-save the files you have selected.

Click on the Refresh button to re-read the current directory.

You can use the Browse button to navigate to other directories where your XML data files or schemas are.

Hint: If you get lost and select the wrong directory, you can restore your default settings. Press the button labelled Use Default. (See Configuring the Validator for details on how to customize the default file locations.)

Hint: You can use "drag-and-drop" to select files. To select a schema this way: select a schema file on your desktop or in a folder in the Desktop explorer, and drag the file (keeping the mouse button held down) into the Schemas list (on the right of the Validator window). To select some files this way, select them from your desktop or Desktop explorer, and drag them (keeping the mouse button held down) into the XML Files list (on the left of the Validator window).

Hint: You can preview the data files and the schema file by clicking the View Document or View Schema buttons under the file list. The viewer supports basic editing operations: editing, cut and paste, saving and printing. This is suitable for making small changes to files.

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