These links provide material of interest to evaluators of Topologi products.

Product Brochures and Slides

Editor Resources and Application Notes

These links provide material of interest to technical people evaluating, configuring and deploying Topologi Products.

Open Source Code

Schematron implementation in Java by Eddie Robertsson: uses JAXP (e.g. Saxon, Xalan) and includes code for embedded Schematron in RELAX NG.

External Standards used in Topologi Products

Topologi products are based on standards from ISO, IETF and W3C. These links will be useful for users needing further information.

Schema Resources

These links provide information for people wishing to find out about different schema languages for XML.

Standards in Development

Topologi staff are involved in several standards-making efforts. The following resources relate to those efforts, and may include obsolete material.